Monday, March 23, 2009

Segregation at Lowe's-- Let's Picket

Scott and I were at Lowe's in Tuscon a few weeks ago. Walking down the aisle, I noticed cute, little rocking chairs. Wondering how much they cost, Scott I walked closer to them to check it out the price. That's when we noticed the price tag. It was pretty pricy... 49 bucks for a tiny chair. The economy is really making things expensive! My thoughts were quickly distracted by the title on the price tag: "White Children's Rocker". I thought we got rid of segregation a long time ago!! What they should have written is "Children's Rocker- white". Scott dared me to threaten to sue them for not having a black children's rocker-- you know, just for kicks.

I decided I would just blog about it instead... and maybe file a complaint with Lowe's so they send me a ten percent coupon. That way I could buy us a white children's rocker for only $41.10! And then paint half of it black. Then resell it on Ebay as the "black and white children's rocker" for 55 bucks. I'd make a profit and allow ebony and ivory to live together in perfect harmony...

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